Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lawn Bowlers

This is a painting I did for the annual Square Foot show at the AWOL Gallery in Toronto, which takes place August 5-21. Dashed down to the gallery today and made the deadline. Whew! I guess I am not the only last minute Nellie - the rules specify the painting must be dry!! All entries in the show are 12 x 12". Apparently it is very popular and I think there are about 500 paintings on display. I will be going to the opening on the 6th!

I really like the long shadows of the early summer evening, and the motion of the two bowlers. Quite a change from dogs!

Oil on canvas


  1. Wonderful painting. I just love the shadows too! The motion you have captured is right on and held me in the painting to see what they are doing. Smart painting:) Love the greens:)

  2. What an amazing painting! Such a fabulous composition too. Full of interest and quite honestly, makes me want to know more about lawn bowling!

  3. This is terrific! Excellent composition, beautiful greens and wonderful, long shadows make this painting really sing. Also, I love the postures here. You have managed to convey the motion, but also the weight of the ball. Well done!