Monday, October 26, 2015


The same cows as a previous post, done in more realistic colours. The day, as is frequently the case in England, was overcast, which created a flat quality. I usually like to have lots of modelling and shadows, but I kind of like the abstractness that the lighting created.

6x8" Oil on Raymar cotton panel

Field Behind Maggie's House

This is twilight in Anstey, England, behind an estate development. The countryside around Anstey, as most of rural England, is beautiful, and this sunset caught my eye while visiting my partners' sister-in-law and I ran down the street with my camera hoping to catch some of the wonderful light.

6x8" Oil on Raymar Cotton Panel

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cows Near Leicester

I am playing a bit. I did this using only burnt sienna and ultramarine blue with a bit of white. It has almost no modelling as it was a very overcast day, but I flattened it out even more.

8x10" Oil on cradled panel NFS