Sunday, July 10, 2011

At the Park

I have seen this dog on several occasions at the park where I walk my dog and others, and I don't think I have seen her without the ball in her mouth. She was really game for posing for my camera too!
I am getting to be happy with my dog paintings - not fussing so much anymore (that's because I am always in a rush and have no patience!)

Oil on cradled panel



  1. He looks a beautiful Great Dane with a fun loving personality! Your comment about being short on patience and being in a rush could be my own words.

  2. Fantastic painting! I love the broad strokes, the delicious green behind her. The look in her eyes speaks volumes.
    Just found your site and I'm enjoyed my wander through it.
    Tchao-wow from Portugal.

  3. Love your dog paintings— like you I am drawn to the animals. :) I am also the same with the rushing and patience part. Love how painterly it is!!

  4. Wonderful!! Love the strong decisive brushwork and form that he has. You nailed this one. Yay for you on tackling things you love and feel good about. Colors are fabulous- love the red ball:)
    Thanks for always visiting me and encouraging. Miss you and our Karin Jurick HHI group!