Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eggplant and Tomatos

This is my entry for the vegetable challenge in the Daily Paintworks challenge, and I will be bringing it to the art show this weekend, so it is doing double duty. So no, I haven't been goofing off! I quite like this one, fabric is a bit tricky. It is bigger than I normally paint, which is also a bit of an adjustment . You have to stand back further to see it.

10x 20" Oil on canvas


  1. Quite lovely, Catherine! The cloth is so well done!

  2. Wonderful painting! Love those tomatoes- gorgeous colors! I also like the fabric- wonderful neutral colors with the vegetables but adds so much interest too. Best of luck with the show! Take care:)

  3. Wonderful painting Catherine! Bet this will sell this weekend. Good luck!

  4. Great job Catherine! Love the folds in the fabric! Best of luck this weekend.