Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post Riverdale Art Walk

Here is a photo of my booth at the Riverdale Art Walk which took place June 4th & 5th.
I purposely included plenty of blue sky, because the first morning for about 3 hours there was a monumental storm taking place, with the most dramatic (and frightening!) thunder and lightening which was quite close I think given the noise level. I literally stood under the center of my tent, surrounded by unopened boxes of paintings,  waiting for the rain to stop before I completed my arranging of paintings. There were drips here and there and I had to keep pushing out the pooled water at the corners of the tent roof to prevent it from collapsing. The sun came out in the afternoon, but the weather remained changeable on the Saturday, but Sunday was brilliantly sunny, and this photo was taken that day.

There are always improvements to be made, so at the next show I will have a new sign for my booth. Talk about the shoe makers (shoeless) kid, I was a professional sign maker, so I have no excuses!! I have some ideas though, so it will make it's debut at my next art show, the Queen West Art Crawl, which takes place September17th and 18th,

Despite the weather, it was a good show, and plenty of art fans came out. I had some good sales, and a lot of great feedback, and I made some very good contacts.  This was my second year at this show, and I had a couple of people who made a point of seeing my new work! How wonderful, I have some collectors!! It is also great to see the creativity of so many wonderful artists. There were 116 artists displaying their work.
Very worth while, and a lot of fun!


  1. I am cracking up that as a previous sign painter you had a hand printed sign for yourself. Your work looks beautiful. Each show is a bit of a learning experience. If you like it, keep at it. I think it is a fun way to sell art and meet other artists and friends.

  2. Oh, that's great news, glad you had sales and collectors too, how cool!
    I know someone who makes signs;)

    Besides YoU that is!

  3. So happy to hear you had some great sales and a wonderful weekend, despite Saturday's fierce storm. So glad you came through that unscathed!

  4. Love seeing your body of work all together under the tent. Smiled at your sign story- wonderful to have collectors! Yay for you. Your work is beautiful and they are smart and lucky!