Monday, May 30, 2011

Laughing Gull

I am not sure what kind of gull this is, but I am told there are many kinds. This one I photographed on the beach in Hilton Head when I was at the wonderful Karin Jurick workshop last November. Just got around to painting it last week, and I will display it at my upcoming juried show, the Riverdale Art Walk in Toronto.

8x8" Oil on cradled birch panel


  1. Love your colors and brush work! You really achieved great depth in the water. Takes me back to the ocean- what a wonderful felling. :) Ahh..

  2. We have another name for gulls in the country..
    sh*t-hawks. Ayup.

    Beautiful work, as usual, Catherine!

  3. Just the most beautiful sunflowers ever, Catherine! This little gull is so lively and so full of life and joy. What a treat to visit today!