Friday, April 27, 2012


I am pleased with this painting because I didn't use my usual grid to paint it, and trusted my eyes to get the proportions right, something I have been trying to achieve for a while. Drawing is so important when laying down a painting, and all the things that advanced artists tell you to do are true! Stand back from the painting, go away and come back to it with "new eyes" and squint. Now I feel a little braver, and I will trust my eyes more!

8x8" Oil on Raymar cotton panel
(I love these things - they have the nice resistance of canvas, and because they are mounted on a solid panel they don't have the annoying bounciness of stretched canvas.)

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  1. Wonderful job with this Catherine. The drawing and brushwork are great!
    I also love raymar panels, but I have not use them in a while. I do miss them.