Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Best Friend Jade

I got Jade 7 years ago from another dog walker, who's client had brought her to Toronto from Mexico. She was 5 months old at the time. She was a street dog (puppy!) and already had battle scars from I would imagine was a rough environment - as you can see, part of her left ear is missing, although most people don't notice it., Despite this, she has a gentle nature (unless you are a squirrel!), and asks for cuddles from everyone she meets. She is a leaner.
I got her from April the dogwalker who had been fostering her. The woman who brought her back was unable to keep her, and April was charged with finding her a new home. She knew that I was "dogless"at the time having lost my previous dog Jessie about a year before. April told me she was special, and she certainly is. We are both lucky.
This is also a challenge from Daily Paintworks.

6x6" Oil on gessoboard
Not for Sale


  1. OH, Jade! You've captured those wise amber eyes. You forgot to mention how BIG she is!! Tall, and graceful, when she's not rubbing her back on the grass;)
    She loves you so much, I'll never forget Jade anxiously following us along the shore of the pond, in my canoe, as we paddled. Jade was MOST concerned that you'd somehow disappear.
    Jade is also VETY patient with young stoopid kelpies, until she just can't TAKE the rudeness anymore!
    Jade, the Mexican WonderDog!
    Great art, as usual, Catherine!

  2. You can tell how much love you have for Jade from this beautiful painting. Looking at you with those gorgeous eyes. You are a caring soul and a great painter Katherine!

    AGH, caps lock!!