Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moody Beach

I am trying to do more figures, and children present more of a challenge since their proportions are so different than adults. This is from a photo taken by my father of me as a child at Moody Beach in Maine. The photo is black and white, so I had to imagine the colors.

 8x10" Oil on gessoboard
Not for Sale

Please contact me you would like to commission a pet portrait.


  1. What a great little painting. It is so nice that you could bring back a but of your childhood memories with a painting. Darling.

  2. Had to laugh because my first thought was that I've been called a moody beach before. LOLOL Anyway, I think this is gorgeous, Catherine! I remember wearing what we here called "sunsuits" and they were just as you've painted. I haven't seen those in years (they didn't have them when my own daughters were little). And look at your gorgeous hair!

  3. CopperTone baby!

    Absolutely beautiful, Cathy!

  4. Beautiful- you captured a wonderful feeling in this. I love the skin tones and the colors are gorgeous!

  5. Catherine, what a beautiful painting! You did such a great job with the colors and you look adorable. I love the doggie in the post above also!!

  6. I'm impressed that you were able to add colors from a black and white photo and do it so beautifully!! This is a fantastic painting!