Monday, June 28, 2010


Avery is a Springer Spaniel I see on my dog walks. She was chillin' in the creek. I'm told she has collections of things in a special spot in the basement of her people's house. You know, sticks, tennis balls, and various dog toys.

6x6" Oil on masonite



  1. What a stunning portrait of Avery, Catherine! I truly love this one, though I am having a hard time articulating the why of it. Gorgeous colors, beautiful brush strokes, and the breed of dog I grew up with all of my life. Just truly beautiful!

  2. Oh, I love this too, cathy!

    wow, you really captured the water flowing, and her "aaaahhhhh, this is the LIFE" expression..

  3. This is wonderful, Catherine. What a way to keep cool. So beautifully painted - I love it.

  4. Catherine, I am loving this painting of the doggie in the water! On this very hot day, it looks especially appealing!