Saturday, April 3, 2010

Palm Beach Stroll

This was a beautiful, breezy day for a walk. The blue of the ocean here is breathtaking.

6x6" Oil on gessoed masonite


I have been accepted into the Riverdale Art Walk here in Toronto. It takes place June 5 & 6. Check here for details.


  1. Gorgeous painting, Catherine. I can almost feel the sea breezes through my that feeling.

  2. I'm hi-jacking you, Catherine, I hope you don't mind.
    The Humane Laws, and why they drive me crazy. My neighbour has a TB Stallion in her garage. Check my blog for full story/updates, but suffice it to say, he needs help, and it may not happen in a timely fashion, for the horse. Neighbour likes to keeps animal in that amorphous "borderline" state.
    Has food, water, shelter. That's about it. Cleanliness, turn-out, fresh air, no, not part of being humane. That is inhumane. That is what's missing from those laws. Animals must have enrichment & Cleanliness!!! How long will it take for that kind old gentleman,with his infinite patience, as he stands, and cribs and cribs and cribs and cribs. Paces his justenough perimeter. Gazes out the screenless sunny window. Wishes for horses. Wishes for his old life back, soft grass underfoot, after training/racing for almost half his life. Now on concrete, and a thin layer of filthy straw, 23.75/24. She'll have it half-arsed clean for the OSPCA if/when they show up again. She'll "procure" her next bale of straw. I've called several more times. What else can I do? Part of the helplessly angry world, that's me? Why can't OSPCA do more? More quickly, so the animal doesn't get hurt or worse? Why is Dire Straits the only actionable offense? No idea. But it's wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I tried to put this on Facebook, but it's toooo long. I'm extremely annoyed, I needed to share. Thanks.