Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Palace Motel

This is from a photo that I took in the 80's before there was a lot of condo development on the Toronto waterfront. This motel looks like it's from the 30's or 40's - kind of art deco style. I could have corrected the distortion that makes the telephone wires and the sign to lean to the right, but I thought it added some interest to the composition. You wouldn't believe how I struggled with the clouds, and in fact this painting took me a lot longer than normal.

9x12" Oil on Raymar cotton panel

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  1. Oh this is so lovely! I'm always enthralled by interesting architecture and I can see why this grabbed your eye. My first thought was art deco as well. Just an honest question for you (I do not work in oils much and I'm not very good at any one medium)...Would the clouds/sky been easier working wet on wet? Or is that how you paint anyway? Just curious...I am thinking of the Bob Ross instructional DVD I have...